Trail Fund

Isle Royale Trails

Due to constrained budgets throughout the National Park Service over the past decades, the trails maintenance backlog at Isle Royale stands at approximately $2.5 million. This amount includes the cost to address all the current identified problems along the 165 miles of trails at Isle Royale Park. The image below shows a typical example of work needed.

Trails are the backbone of exploration of the remote maritime Park at Isle Royale.


Isle Royale Emergency Trail Repair Fund

The National Park of Lake Superior Foundation has created a fund for use to address the current backlog of work at Isle Royale. Funds would be used to address the highest priority trail projects. Funds are used to provide materials and support volunteer trail crews.

Helicopter Bridge Deployment

Isle Royale National park undertook a major effort to deliver materials to replace many of the 5.5 trail bridges. Every board weights 82 to 100 pounts and a helicopter will deliver more than 60 tons of planking to various locations around the island.
This is a very unusual situation, as normally, these types of actions would not occur in the wilderness. However, the measures were necessary to get the material to the appropriate locations with the least amount of impact to the wilderness, while addressing the need to refurbish the bridges and protect the wilderness.