Isle Royale Wolf Education Initiative Fund

We need your help to ensure this amazing story is captured.

The ongoing sixty-year predator/prey study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale provides the backdrop for a new chapter of understanding regarding these two iconic animals and the ecosystem in which they interact. The future story is yet to be written.

This is a multiyear project that will fund an educational documentary geared toward K-12 students. It will chronicle reintroduction efforts and research with a holistic view and balanced reporting of the factors and conditions the introduction of new wolves to Isle Royale will generate.

The initiative will also provide funding make possible ecological investigations that further our understanding of predators, their prey and their combined influence on the ecosystem. One of many examples of what the NPLSF could is provide funding in support of collaring moose with GPS collars. Advances in technology allow tremendous opportunities to see what moose are doing on a daily basis. Natural resource managers and scientists will be able to see how moose move on the landscape in response to the wolf reintroduction and how these movements and associated herbivory impacts influence the future of the Isle Royale's forest.