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We are made stronger by story and there’s no better source than the continent's largest body of freshwater, Lake Superior.


Join hosts Walt Lindala and Frida Waara as they highlight the five National Parks that ring this Greatest of the Great Lakes - meeting the people, touring the places and learning about the projects that make these parks and body of water so remarkable.

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May 22

The Lake, The Parks, Oh My!!

Who knew there were 5 National Parks on Lake Superior? Great back stories on these national treasures.

-Ttomco, 05/14/2021, Apple Podcast Review


Decarbonization Strategies Tailored to Each Park

We will address the unique needs of each park, and maintain its character, through a combination of tools:

  • Zero-carbon energy, using solar, geothermal and other renewable grid sources.

  • Energy efficiency in windows, insulation, lighting, HVAC and appliances.

  • Transportation electrification of light-duty vehicles and building charging stations are a top priority. We are monitoring emerging technology for EV boats.

  • Innovation, including load management and new high-impact, costefficient and proven technologies.

  1. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

  2. Grand Portage National Monument

  3. Isle Royale National Park

  4. Keweenaw National Historical Park

  5. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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