We’re committed to the five amazing national parks along Lake Superior, and every project we take on furthers that commitment. The initiatives and programs that you help us fund go toward the preservation and enhancement of all five national parks. With your help, we’ve restored trails and visitors amenities, we’ve created educational resources and programs, and we’ve even reintroduced wolves into the Isle Royale wilderness.

Featured Initiative

The Wolf & Moose Project

The ongoing sixty-year predator/prey study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale provides the backdrop for a new chapter of understanding regarding these two iconic animals and the ecosystem in which they interact. The future story is yet to be written.

Photo by Vlada Cech.



  • Restoration and refurnishing of the 1874 Au Sable Light Station

  • Materials for volunteer restoration & repair projects on park trails

  • Wolf Relocation Funding

  • Historic Wendigo Wagon preservation project

  • Ballast water treatment projects to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species

  • Tools and materials for Adopt-a-Trail volunteer restoration & repair projects

  • Restore historic landscapes & disease resistant Beech tree propagation



  • Climate change interpretive exhibits

  • Historic clothing for Grand Portage Ojibwe youth mentorship program

  • Summer Park newsletter

  • Graphic design software, interpretive development & Grand Portage Trail brochures

  • Fund summer internship with the Division of Interpretation

  • New Junior Ranger program booklets for children & park lighthouse brochures

  • Keweenaw specific passport stamp brochures for all 22 Heritage Sites

  • Historian’s symposiums & archive interns

  • Italian Hall Site interpretive development

  • New Junior Ranger booklets & school study trips for children


visitor enhancements

  • Bear-resistant food storage lockers for camping areas

  • Solar powered vent fans and lights for vault toilets

  • Trails Helicopter materials drop.

  • Heritage Site sign program