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About the NPLSF

OUR vision and MISSION


The five national parks of Lake Superior are nurtured and maintained so all may enjoy these captivating public lands today and for generations to come. e.


As the philanthropic partner of the five national parks of Lake Superior, we inspire people to create meaningful connections with our parks. We do this by providing funding for programming, educational initiatives, and outreach efforts.

Header photo by Jim Sorbie. Page photo by David Guttenfelder.



All projects and programs supported by NPLSF are funded through grants and private donations. We rely on your support, but it’s not just us – Lake Superior relies on your support, too.

When you donate to NPLSF, know that you’re helping to preserve the beauty of the greatest of our Great Lakes.

Photo by Jonnelle Yankovich.


Tom Irvine

Executive Director

St Paul, MN

Dinah Swain

Director, Partnerships

St Paul, MN


Carol Brady*
Marquette, MI

Tim Cochrane

Grand Portage, MN

Phyllis Green, Vice Chair
Houghton, MI 

Andrew McIlree

Minneapolis, MN

Jeff Henquinet


Houghton, MI

Dave Miller*
Duluth, MN

Pam McClelland*
Washington, DC

Frida Waara
Marquette, MI 

Tom Woiwode*
Detroit, MI

*Founding Board Member

Photo by David Guttenfelder.


our role

We are the only official non-profit 501(c) (3) fundraising partner of the National Park Service (NPS) for all five US national park sites on Lake Superior.

As such, the projects and programs NPLSF funds fall outside the scope of the NPS budget. Without us, none of the restoration and preservation efforts we’ve funded would happen, and we wouldn’t be able to fund those efforts without you.

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