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Wolf & Moose Initiative

The ongoing sixty-five year predator/prey study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale provides the backdrop for a new chapter of understanding regarding these two iconic animals and the ecosystem in which they interact. The future story is yet to be written.

Through a multi-year project, NPLSF funded an educational documentary geared toward K-12 students. It chronicled reintroduction of wolves to Isle Royale and what that means to future research on the predator-prey relationship on this remote wilderness island.

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Capturing the story of the Wolves, Packs, and New Families

Drew Rush, National Geographic wildlife photographer/videographer, is partnering with NPLSF and Isle Royale to capture the sights and sounds of Isle Royale. We have already captured truly amazing footage.

Image by Eva Blue

our partnerships

The National Parks of Lake Superior Foundation produced in partnership with CuriosityStream, a film called Breakthrough: Return of the Wolves. This 23-minute educational documentary chronicles the multiyear work of the National Park Service (NPS) and its partners to restore predation and diversity to the ecosystem of Isle Royale, the site of the oldest predator-prey study in the world.


The film features sweeping aerial footage, detailed wolf capture, and relocation practices, and in-depth stakeholder interviews.


NPLSF helped create this film as a part of our commitment to capturing the Isle Royale wolf relocation story for future generations.

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