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Lake Superior Podcast S1 E4: Maddy Marquardt - Kayaking Lake Superior

Maddy talks about the realities of kayaking the big lake, and talks about the sea caves around the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, the wild beauty of Isle Royale National Park, and the drama of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Pro Tip: Don't make any of these destinations your first kayaking adventure, but if you put in the work, and learn how to be safe, you can cross this trip off your bucket list.

Lake Superior is a paddler’s paradise with 3 National Parks known world-wide for hundreds of miles of pristine shoreline, sea caves and camping. Madeline Marquardt has not only paddled many of those miles, but she’s photographed and written about her travels too. Maddy is the real deal always following her passion for wild places. Listen as she shares some of her kayaking adventures and get a preview of her new book, “Hidden Gems of the Northern Great Lakes” on this episode of Lake Superior Podcast.


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