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Help us create new lesson plans to share!!

Did you enjoy the film and feel it would resonate with your students? Did you open the lesson plan page and not find the subject area you were looking for? Would you like to write a lesson plan linked to the film that has a different subject? 


The Foundation would love to share additional lesson plans that creative educators develop and are willing to share with other teachers. We will review and post additional lesson plans as they are received. To help standardize the plans for review, please consider the following tips: 

  • Save any student worksheets into separate documents from the teacher instructions.  

  • Make sure referenced material or specific material created by another source allows it to be used for free with proper credit to authors.  

  • Before sending, test that all external links to other sites in your plan are functional. 

  • Consider including in the teacher instructions any national or government standards the lesson plan addresses, as it adds value to the lesson plans. 


In your transmittal note, please provide permission for the Foundation to post and allow free downloading of the lesson plan created. We will post your name to acknowledge your work, and if you are comfortable, add a home town and school. Please state your preferences in the transmittal email. Also, note the best way to contact you, if we have questions. Email the information to

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