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The NPLSF is proud to announce the launch of the Lake Superior Podcast.

We are made stronger by story and there’s no better source than the continent's largest body of freshwater, Lake Superior. Join hosts Walt Lindala and Frida Waara as they highlight the five National Parks that ring this Greatest of the Great Lakes; meeting the people, touring the places and learning about the projects that make these parks and body of water so remarkable.

Season 1, Episode 1

Isle Royale National Park feat. Denice Swanke

While Gates of the Arctic in Alaska ranks the country’s least visited national park, Isle Royale in Lake Superior ranks 3rd with just over 16,000 visitors per year. It’s a tough place to get to, accessed only by boat or sea plane, but when you do arrive, there’s a whole new wild world to explore. Denice Swanke came from Denali in Alaska to become Superintendent at Isle Royale, and she shares how her time in Alaska prepared her for this remote archipelago in Superior.

We would also like to thank David Huckfelt for the use of his song 'King Whirl' as out theme song. Please check out David's website and support his work!


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